Fanfiction 1: A Summer With Chovy

Based off: Girls Und Panzer

Synopsis: A second year high school student from Japan that goes by the name of Tomio is off from school in the summer and considers working part time at a local pizzeria. He meets a girl named Chiyomi Anzai who happens to be a Sensha-do commander from Anzio Girl’s High School and goes by the nickname Anchovy. The two soon develop a close relationship and get involved in many antics as Anchovy prepares for her last semester in Anzio High before graduation. These two lovers will have to overcome their own weakness and insecurities if they are to be victorious in their goals.

The following story is my first attempt at writing fiction related to an anime series. Don't expect anything amazing out of this. I just recently finished watching Girls Und Panzer Das Finale 3 so it's fresh on my mind and thus, is an easier story to write about. This is more or less going to be a slice of life story with romance in it. Consider everything in this story to be non-cannon even though it's losely based off the lore of the anime, manga spinoffs, and films. The story is subject to minor changes once all chapters are complete. All images incorporated are courtesy of their creators and not my own. I'm not that creative bros...Enjoy or Cringe!

Character Bios (WIP)


  • Chapter 1: A Girl Named Chiyomi
  • Chapter 2: Delivery Boys and A Date?
  • Chapter 3: A Friday Night With Chovy
  • Chapter 4: Love Sick
  • Chapter 5: A Date with Chovy
  • Chapter 6: Car Problems
  • Chapter 7: A Night with Chovy
  • Chapter 8: The Morning Before Work
  • Chapter 9: Work Overload
  • Chapter 10: Two Years Ago
  • Chapter 11: Chovy's Perspective
  • Chapter 12: A Little Help From My Friends
  • Chapter 13: The Truth
  • To Be Continued
  • Dedicated Song: sonicbrat - Caesura

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