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First off, I created this site as a means to post about my favorite waifus. I used to have a waifu shrine on my personal website but due to file size caps that became a problem and it was making my site more bloated than it already is. So I made it a seperate site to host all of that shit. Plus, I'll be putting up my own fanfictions and soon AMVs on this site for those who like awful content. Stay tuned for more updates. In all honestly, there is no purpose to this website. I just wanted to make it! Best $5 I've spent in my opinion. I'll continue to work on my personal site as usual too. Link down below for those who are interested.

Update Log

Most recent update: May 13, 2022: Nice timing. Chapter 13 for my fanfiction is done.

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List of Waifus

  • Anchovy - Tank Commander of Anzio
  • Yuki Nagato - Alien and memember of SOS Brigade
  • MP40 - Submachine Gun
  • Haruka Ogasawara - Bari-Sax Player
  • SPAS 12 - (THICK) Combat Shotgun
  • Nausicaa - Princess and Warrior
  • Rena Lanford - Nedian Symbologist
  • Andou Rena - Vice Tank Commander
  • Tsuyuri Kumin - Sleepyhead
  • Rin Tezuka - Crippled Artist and Autist
  • Kyrie - An-cap Mercenary Pilot and Pancake Enjoyer
  • Plum - Amateur Golfer
  • More waifu shrines coming soon...

    OC Koikatsu Creation Gallery

  • Koikatsu Collection - OC Downloadable Koikatsu Girls

  • Fanfics: Horrible stories written by your's truly.

  • A Summer With Chovy (Ongoing)
  • Coming Soon
  • The Monologue of Yuki Nagato (A short story)
  • A Winter With Chovy (Sequel to A Summer with Chovy)

  • Other Sites

  • Incel Perspective - My personal blog website.

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  • Email: incelperspective@cock.li
  • Element: @sohn_jmithu:matrix.org